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From Cold Dew to Autumn Begins-A Story narrated by Stevia

  发布时间: 2023-01-10   

Each year, GL Stevia plants on Cold Dew and harvest at Autumn Begins.

I am a GL#10 stevia. Since I was still young, I have already known that it took the longest time to cultivate me but I also knew I am the one with the highest percentage of effective stevia content in the family. With the development of stevia planting technology, I was born and named as GL#10. I grew up in the test field owned by GL Stevia in Xinjiang. I am planted on each Cold Dew and harvest until the Autumn Begins next year. Now, let me tell you the 270 days I spend with GL Stevia!


         Favorable Seed Breeding Conditions:

The seed breeding stage usually takes 40 days. Each square meter of the fields we grow on has already been taken care    by GL Stevia for more than one year, including sterilizations,  killing warm eggs, and fertilizing the land. 

All my sisters and brothers that belongs to GL#10 family also grow up here. 

Our seed breeding stage was enjoyful with the intensive care of GL Stevia.

         Happy Childhood with No Worries:

It is the so-called the growing stage and usually takes 45        days. The growing period is critical to the whole planting        process. The rate of survival will decide whether we can          finally become a real qualified GL#10 stevia. 

The mild temperature in Xinjiang helps us grow well with no other cares needed. This is quite different compared to our cousins in Anhui and Jiangsu. There are so many things to worry about during their childhood, such as nutrition,temperature, deinsectization and weeding. Among the whole stevia family, the general survival rates in Xinjiang, Qinghai and Gansu are higher. The excellent conditions here offer us a quite happy childhood without any worries.

         Puberty with Sufficient Sunshine:

The puberty period usually takes 145 days. During this stage, we fully enjoy the sunshine. The duration will directly influence our appearance, height as well as yield. 

Every day we are exposed to the sunshine in Urumchi for about 16 hours , and this is 3 hours longer than our cousins in southern provinces. The puberty period of our southern cousins is only 100 days and as a result they usually have shorter appearances. Generally, we enjoy 135 hours more sunshine than other normal stevia and finally are 1.4 meter high on average with 2500 leaves on each (50% more than other species). This made us a leading example in the whole family.

     Sweet Mature Period:

This is the stage of blossom and yield, and is also the last      40 days for us in the field.During this period, insects and        wind can help spread our pollen.

The content of sweetness in our leaves are the highest at the very beginning of blossom. All the work including reaping, taking off leaves and drying shall be finished within 24 hours. After that, GL Stevia help take the sweetness to all around the world.

This is the whole story about the 270 days we spend with GL Stevia. Thanks to GL Stevia’s efforts, nowadays people around the world can fully enjoy our sweetness.