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Stevia is the best choice for developing sugar-free and reduced-sugar versions of dairy products such as yogurts, milkshakes and ice cream, including reduced-sugar plant-based protein drinks that have received much attention in recent years.        


The texture characteristics of dairy products are unique. Stevia do not affect any physicochemical properties of milk proteins, plant proteins, or sucrose.        

For example, the reduced-sugar version of natural low-fat vanilla yogurt has a sweetness level of equal sweetness 6% (wt/wt). Using GL Stevia GL-RebA97 combined with sucrose, Stevia provides 3% sweetness and reduces sucrose use by half. In sensory tests, there is a very good overall acceptance relative to the sucrose version. It also works well with the acidity of base yogurt.    


In ice cream, Optimvia RebD 95, a stevia glycoside, is combined with erythritol to increase the ice cream's adhesion and cohesiveness, resulting in a low melting rate in the mouth and good durability. It is a great choice for developing healthy ice cream.        


Among the plant-based protein drinks that claim 0 calories and 100% natural plant sweetness, GL Stevia optimviaRD95 is one of the few non-synthetic natural plant sweetness options available. It can provide natural sweetness of up to 7% equal sweetness. In contrast to soy milk and oat milk, the whole plant formula combined with the perfect taste can significantly increase the appeal of the product.    


6381061052284943024091072.png50% Reduced sugar 0 Fat yogurt formula:Zero sugar yogurt                   98.874%        Sucrose                             1%             Optimvia RD                         0.026%        



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Beverage Application

· The Taste Is More Palatable and Rounder

· Labeled As "Natural Flavor"

· Reduce Sugar And Calories By 20%.

· Save 20%-30% Of Operating Costs

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