Every year, over 2000 types of new stevia extract products come up across the world.The taste is the most critical thing with the requirments of green, natural and sugar-reducing already been satisfied.

Tasty,Healthy,and Cheap!

These are  the most important factors influencing the behavior of consumers nowadays. People may even not be aware of this when purchasing in supermarkets and online.

Although the consuming trend and the marketing methods changed every year, the beverage developers still believe that putting forward a type of beverage that can do good to customers' health,satisfy customers' need and be economic is fundamental.

Sweetness is the critical basis of a beverage's taste.How to find a natural, economic sweetner with excellent taste among the 20+ sugar-replacing sweeteners under the national restrictions? How to avoid the aftertaste and bitter lingering of traditional sweeteners?

It is time to re-recognize stevia.

With a range of SEV from 20~50% Reb A 97 to SEV 60% and SEV 90%  Optimvia Stevia , GL Stevia can provide various application plans including single use and compounding.Compared to using traditional stevia, this can help achieve natural origin, good taste and competetive costs at the same time.


According to the feedback from a large number    of our customers, the amount of stevia needed      for 8% sugar equivilant is 320ppM. The amount    needed for 4% sugar equivilant is 160ppM or        even less.

We suggest choosing the products from the perspectives of the amount of sugar to be replaced, beverage total sweetness and pH.

For example: Optimvia Stevia™ is an ideal sweetener for beverage manufacturing.If our customer wish to replace 5% of sugar or even more, we recommand using this.

Highly purified Reb A is still the most widely used stevia extract in beverages, and also the first globally commercialized stevia.It has pure sweet taste with competetive costs. It is commonly used around the world when replacing 4% or even less sugar.

SG95RA60 is competitive in costs. 70ppm solution can be equivilant to 2% sugar with imperceptible plant-based bitter aftertaste.

Now, let's see the performance of Optimvia Stevia™ in beverages and tabletop sweeteners



In the strawberry and kiwi fruit juice that reduced    sugar by 40%, Optimvia 1.10 and Optimvia 3.10    won for their obvious short bitterness lingering      and less bitterness.


In 50% sugar-reducing coke, Optimvia1.10 and    Optimvia3.10 are purer than RA97 and the            bitterness was obviously moderated that can be    neglected.



In 50% sugar-reducing lemon and lemon soda,      two variables of Optimvia Stevia™ are nearly the  same as RA97. However, Optimvia products  show less bitterness and lingering.

Langege CEO Mr Cui:    

" We are evaluating GL's Optimvia Stevia™ to replace RA97 in order to reduce material costs.We have had a very positive evaluation result. "

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