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Steviol glycosides is a high intensity, natural and calorie-free sweetener. Reb                              D 95% is one specification with Reb D>95%. It is about 210 times the                                          sweetness of  sucrose. Xinghua GL cultivated  the new stevia species, GL#10,                            with better taste and higher sweetening content. We applied for the patenteor                              commercialized production of Reb D and it can be applied widely in beverages                            ice cream tabletop sweetener, desserts dairy products, canned                                                    fruit and pickled food. Ect by replacing sucrose.

Sweet intensityReb D95% is 210 times sweet as sugar, compare with 5% sugar solution*%SE2.5%       5%        7.5% Optimvia Plus® RD95 sweet300        210        160From the diagram, we can see: under 200ppm solution, the sweeteness of Reb-A is                          increasing, while the bitterness is noticeably increasing from 200ppm and above. For                      Reb-M and Reb-D, the bitterness is hardly noticeable even above 300ppm, the                                sweetness keeps increasing.Stability and Shelf lifeSteviol Glycosides stored in cool dry place, 2 years shelf lifeThe typical degradation information is as followsAmount of stevia           PH           Hydrolytic plateau         Sweet retention      300PPM                  4-8               >52weeks                  >104weeks      300PPM                  2-4               >26weeks                  > 52weeks  Stevioside has good stability under heating (90 C -5 minutes)
DAIRYNatural, zero calories, sweet from the natural steviaICE CREAMNatural, zero calories, sweet from the natural steviaNUTELLANatural, zero calories, sweet fromthe natural steviaTABLETOP SWEETENERSNatural, zero calories, sweet fromthe natural steviaLearn more applications and receive free sample consultation.        
Parameter     GL Standard   GB1886.355-2022AppearanceWhiteWhite to light yellowReb D≥95.0%No reguirementTSG≥95.0%≥90.0%Drying decrement<5.0%≤6.0%Ash content≤1.0%≤1.0%PH 4.8-7.04.5-7.0Methanol residue<200PPM≤200PPMEthanol residue<460PPM≤5,000PPMLead(Pb)≤1.0PPM≤1.0PPMTotal arsenic(As)≤0.1PPM≤1.0PPM        

"Pyure brands tabletop sweetener believes in equity            principle in trading and choosing  the best quality natural      sweetener Optimvia Reb D95% is fundamental to                  ensuring the quality of future tabletop sweetener."

————                                               Founder of pyure brands             rands LLC Benjamin Fleiscer    

  "Optimvia™ Reb D95% offers pleasant sweetness and             taste. We blend it with polydextrose and erythritol. Which         maintains the function and texture of our products while           winning the compliments from our customers."

————       Technical director of British                    Nestle-froneri Ariel Elehadef                  

      Xinghua GL Stevia Co. is an integrated supplier in stevia breeding,                 planting manufacturing and applications. We  are the pioneer in stevia                 industry for nearly 17 years.  The first Reb-A  mass producer in China.                Currently we export the largest share of Reb-M and Reb-D from China.

Packaging:20KG cardboard box       Shelf life: 2 years  Storage conditions: keep cool and dry
         GL Stevia has acouired all popular certificates in the industry                                       ensure our  product compliance with your local regulations.
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