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How many stevia did we produce in 2022 around the world?

  发布时间: 2023-01-10   

As a governing company of China Stevia Association, Xinghua GL Stevia was invited by the association to publish reports regarding the stevia industry in China and around the world.

Xinghua GL Stevia did a deep research on China’s stevia industry and based on our years of planting as well as producing experience, we published the2022 China Stevia Leaves Supply and Demand Report.

During 2021~2022, the total cultivation area of stevia in China is 10,000 HA (160,000 Chinese mu), reaching a new low for the past 6 years.

The price of stevia extract stay high due to the unbalanced raw material(stevia dry leaves) supply and demand.

Currently, the cultivation of stevia in China is mainly cuttage, along with some seed breedings. The average planting area for seed breedings these years is about 2,667 HA (40,000 Chinese mu) and 8,000 HA(120,000 Chinese mu)~10,667 HA (160,000 Chinese mu) for cuttage.

Area: The cultivation area is expected to recover to 190,000 Chinese mu (about 12,667 HA) in the next year since the planting activities in many provinces restarted.Scale: The cultivation scale of stevia is expected to reduce as food corps planting areas expand.Costs: The cultivation costs rise due to Covid-19 pandemic, transport barriers, and the increase of capital, human resource, ect.Weather: The output in Hebei and Jiangsu decrease because of the high temperature.
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HarvestDry leaves purchasing costs: The average dry leaves pruchasing costs remained stable at ¥18~20/kg, a little bit lower than the peak of last year but higher than the average of the past 3 years.                                                                                  Dry leaves quality improved: The stevia dry leaves are of high quality this year with the sugar content at 10%~13%, which makes it easy to control manufacturing costs.InventoryTotal dry leaves inventory increased: The estimated total dry leaves inventory is about 7000 tonnes, higher than that of last year. Accumulated inventory dropped: The total dry leaves inventories were mostly consumed during the dry leaves shortage in 2022, leaving a weak supply and demand.
CostsNormally, the stevia dry leaves purchasing costs accounts for 55%~70% of the final product. Finding a way to reduce the raw material costs is quite critical to guarantee a higher benefit. How to save the costs for purchasing stevia dry leaves? A stable way is to integrate the dry leaves supply(planting) into the whole production process. However, the main business model for stevia manufacturing in China is that manufacturers purchase dry leaves from farmers( or agents) and only few company have their own stevia leaves production base.

During 2021~2022, the stevia dry leaves pruchasing costs congtinues the up-going trend, since the land rent, cutting seedling costs and labor costs all rise. In addition, in 2022, stevia dry leaves are especailly short in supply. The purchasing costs for stevia leaves in 2022~2023 is expected to witness a significant growth. The stevia final product prices are highly possibly to increase along with the dry leaves.

In this case, finding a business partner with a complete stevia industry chain and years of experiences in the industry is quite important.

Xinghua GL Stevia is your excellent business partner

As one of the few vertically-integrated stevia manufacturers around the world, GL Stevia occupies the whole industry chain that covers stevia cultivation, seedling, planting, harvesting, producing and selling. GL Stevia have 533 HA self-owned field and 667 HA field under contract. We can guarantee the stable supply, quality and price of our stevia products and can help our customers seize the market opportunities under the current sugar reduction consuming trend.

Come and be our business partner to develop your own product’s sugar reduction solution! 

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For more information, click to download the 2022 China Stevia Leaves Supply and Demand Report.