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How was the organic stevia produced?

  发布时间: 2023-01-10   

Under the sugar reduction consuming trend, sweeteners gained more and more attention from food and beverage manufacturers all around the world. The most commonly seen sweeteners are erythritol, sucralose, sodium cyclamate,ect. However, more and more consumers would like to choose natual sweetener such as stevia and monk fruit for their safety.


Stevia sweetener is directly extracted from stevia dry leaves and contains no chemical harzards. It is 100% natrual, 0-calorie, and organic. As a stevia expert with years of planting and processing experinces, GL Stevia established a whole procedure of stevia extracts producing that covers seedling, planting, harvesting, and processing. All the steps in this procedure strictly comply with the NOP regulations of USDA.


USDA Organic Certificate is the highest level of organic certificate across the United States. The USDA principles are extremely strict that covers from the raw materials to production and makes sure that any ingredients that are harmful to human body is not included and each one of them should be 100% beneficial.

The specific principles of USDA are as followed:

organic.png    01 No chemical ingredients should be used, such as chemical           fertilizers, insecticides, antibiotics, food additives and                     transgenic plants or animals.                                                    02 The soil been used should not be exposed to chemical                 compounds for at least three years.                                          03 Regular examinations on production and sales records                 should be applied.                                                                      04 The examined products should be be strictly kept away from         others.                                                                                            
          05 The producing equipment and plants should be examined.  06 The products that are completely composed of organic             ingredients can use the label of “100% Organic” or the             USDA label.                                                                          07 The products that contain over 70% of organic ingredients       can be called “organic ingredients applied” but cannot use       USDA label.                                                                                                                                                                            Xinghua GL Stevia follow the requirements of USDA Organic Certification and make sure the products are produced organically from seedling to processing.

The Significance of USDA Organic Certificate

GL Stevia has always been paying great attention to the upstream stevia raw materials and the supply of stevia leaves. GL Stevia has already been exploring the agricultural techniques for over 10 years and our cultivation, soil improvement, plantation base constructions, field management and stevia leaves processing all meet the strict principles of USDA Organic Certificate. GL Stevia ensures the sustainability, traceability and reliability of the stevia supply system and won the trust as well as compliment from our sugar-reduction customers around the world.

Due to our years of GL Stevia’s efforts, we already gained the USDA Organic Certification and managed to provide the premium products to our customers. In the future, Xinghua GL will keep on developing the stevia planting and processing technics to offer more high quality products to our customers across the world.   

2023.02 NOP 3404.pdf-1.jpg2023.02 NOP 3404.pdf-2.jpg

To know more details about GL Stevia’s organic planting and producing, click to download the GL Stevia Organic Production Brochure.