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Sugar Reduction in Dairy Products

  发布时间: 2023-01-13   

As the most obvious trend mentioned in Dairy Product Consumption Trend Report in 2021, sugar reduction is leading the new consuming trend and forming the new consumption consciousness. The dairy product market is significantly influenced by sugar reduction trend and the no-sugar products develop rapidly.。

Dairy product market has underwent the 1.0 phase of occupying the market and the 2.0 phase of making up the loss in product subcategorising. Now it is entering the 3.0 phase of avoiding tough competitions and finding more detailed subcategories.

The Kantar Worldpanel shows that in 2019, the full-sugar products in yoghurt/lactic acid beverage market only saw a 0.3% Y-o-Y increase in sales, indicating a turning point. On the contrary, the low-sugar/0-sugar products had a 20.2% Y-o-Y increase in sales, showing a more promising future.

Source:The Kantar Worldpanel

Now the consumers wish dairy products to contain less sucrose but to offer the same taste as full-sugar products. This raised a new challenge for the developers about how to maintain the texture without sacrificing the taste.


  We provide sugar reduction solutions     for all kinds of dairy products

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  We combine star products to                          Achieve sugar function    

Although the steviol glycosides can provide similar sweetness    as sugar, they cannot offer the same function. In order to            achieve the same solid oral filling sensation, our products need  to be blended with sugar alcohol or other dietary fibers. For        example, our star product Reb D can be blended with allulose    to improve the texture, enhance milkfat mouthfeel of diary          products while covering the unpleasant smell. This helps            achieve clean label and build the healthy brand reputation.