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Sugar Reduction for Bakery Goods

  发布时间: 2023-01-13   

Sugar plays an important role in bakery products. It is not only the source of sweetness, but also critical to enhancing the mouthfeel. However, the sugar intake brings about health risks. Consumers wish to have low-calorie, clean-label bakery products and snacks. GL Stevia makes sugar substitutes play the role of sugar to the greatest degree while keeping sugar cutting in mind. Our unique technics can help reduce sugar by 100% and provide the same sweetness, mouthfeel as well as texture. We only bring about the least calories. GL Stevia’s natural sugar reduction solutions for bakery products can provide a natural, sweet covering for cereal crisps and bread. The sweet taste is quiet close to sucrose. Consumers can choose from the products that contain less sugar/no sugar with the same excellent taste and satisfying mouthfeel.

                   Good heat stability

The highest temperature that stevia can stand is about 150      degree centigrade. When placed in the enmvironment of 60      degree centigrade for a long time, only 1% decomposes. Due    to its excellent heat stability, acid resistance and light                resistance, stevia can be applied under many different              conditions. Meanwhile, its molecular structure is relatively        stable. The melting point is between 190 to 198 degree            centigrade. It is also stable in acid or alkaline solution.



           Low calorie is in line with                                   the consuming trend

GL Stevia’s natrual sugar reduction solutions meet the demand of the special crowd. Health is the topic gaining more and more attention nowadays but most consumers would not like to          sacrifice the “sweet taste”. In this situation, bakers have to          reduce the calorie in their products. GL Stevia’s sugar reduction baking solutions help you design your own phenomenal              products.