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Sugar Reduction for Sauce and Jam

  发布时间: 2023-01-13   

Sauces and jams always had very bad reputation for “being high in sugar, salt and calorie”. People have growing interests in buying the better substitutes in choosing sauces, bechamel and instant jams as they recognized the bad effects brought by sugar. The appeal for low-calorie and low-sugar suaces is increasing, despite the fact that sucrose is important to antisepsis and taste. GL Stevia can offer the optimal solution for sauce reugar reduction. Our products can help balance the sweetness, nutrition, flavor and function while extending the shelf-life.

            Improving taste and mouthfeel

      In order to acheive sugar reduction in sauce formula, GL    Stevia use GLF and Optimvia Products blended with allulose  (rare sweetener) to achieve sugar recution by60%~100%. The taste and flavor is quite close to sucrose.


            Natural sweetener with clean label

Steviol glycosides is a type of natural non-nutritive sweetener    extracted from stevia dry leaves. It can obviously reduce            sucrose used in sauces without compromising on the taste.        The Brix of GL Stevia’s high-end stevia products can be 9 with  a quite excellent taste.