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Mayer of Xinghua Visited GL’s Factory


The mayer of Xinghua City,Yin Jun paid a visit to our factory on Sep 6th,2022 and viewed the production lines. He gave compliments to GL Stevia’s performance and showed his support on GL’s new production line that is to be finished in 2023.


Mayer Yin visited our factory and inspected our                        producing lines, producing technics and final products.


The Chairman Mr Zhou and the CEO Mr Wang offered a warm welcome. Meanwhile, the mayer said that the city government will give its full support to help GL finish the 2300t/year production line construction. Mr Zhou and Mr Wang showed sincere thanks to the government’s help.

The Chairman Zhou said that GL Stevia will pay more efforts on the construction of the new production line and try our best to promote the local food industry.

Mr Zhou also said that GL Stevia will keep sustainable development and make sure the producing is eco-friendly. Starting from the 533 HA of self-owned planting base, GL Stevia aims to establish a benchmark for the stevia industry and promote the development of the whole international industry.


In order to ensure the sucessful landing of the 2300t/year      new project, the government is willing to give supports. The  Mayer also noted that the new capacity expension project is  quite critical to building the whole industrial chain.


The mayer’s support encouraged GL Stevia significantly. We believe that GL Stevia can have a steady development in the future and finally become the main driving power of the provincial economic development.    



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