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GL Stevia Updates in USDA Organic Certificate


Recently, a large international food and beverage company has received the updated USDA Organic Certificate number from GL Stevia and then updated its local archival information of stevia-related beverages.

According to the manager of supply chain:

"The USDA Organic Certificate is the pass to the stevia market, especially under the circumstances of growing attention on environment protection and sustainable agriculture from consumers.”

As an internationally well-known company with the whole stevia industry chain, GL Stevia has already been a large supplier of stevia extracts with USDA Organic Certificate since 2014.

      USDA Certificate

Established in 1862 with the full name of “United States Department of Agriculture” (USDA), USDA Organic Certificate is the highest level of organic certificate across the United States.


The USDA principles are extremely strict that covers from the raw materials to production and makes sure that any ingredients that are harmful to human body is not included and each one of them should be 100% beneficial. With over 100 years of development, USDA has become one of the most well-known organic certification authorities across the world and gradually became a representative of authority and strictness in the field of organic certification.  

The specific principles of USDA are as followed:

·  No chemical ingredients should be used, such as chemical fertilizers, insecticides, antibiotics, food additives and transgenic plants or animals.

·  The soil been used should not be exposed to chemical compounds for at least three years.

·  Regular examinations on production and sales records should be applied.

·  The examined products should be be strictly kept away from others.

·  The producing equipment and plants should be examined.

·  The producing equipment and plants should be examined.

·  The products that contain over 70% of organic ingredients can be called “organic ingredients applied” but cannot use USDA logo.

      The significance of USDA Organic Certificate

GL Stevia ensures the sustainability, traceability and reliability of the stevia supply system and won the trust as well as compliment from our sugar-reduction customers around the world.


GL Stevia has always been paying great attention to the upstream stevia raw materials and the supply of stevia leaves. GL Stevia has already been exploring the agricultural techniques for over 10 years and our cultivation, soil improvement, plantation base constructions, field management and stevia leaves processing all meet the strict principles of USDA Organic Certificate.      

Setting the industry benchmark with the strictest certificate. 

    Since our establishment in 2006GL Stvia constructed a stevia plantation base of about 47000 square meters large right near our factory. We planted and harvested once a year.    
After seven years of continuousaccumulation of planting dataGL Stevia went out of Xinghua City and reached Hainan in the South, Xinjiang as well as Inner Mongolia in the North. We continued to test the stevia species, climate, soil conditions, planting procedures and harvesting machines at different latitudes and temperatures.       
CurrentlyGL Stevia owned about 5.3 square kilometers field and additionally there are about 6.7 square kilometers of field under contract. We firstly developed the proprietary technology of “transplanting in northern region”, “GX5 full-automatic taking off and packaging machine”.        

We cultivated new stevia species such as Gelin#9 and Gelin#10. The average height of each stevia is 1.4 meters, with 2500 leaves on each, which is about 50% more than other normal species. Our advanced high planting techniques guaranteed our product’s quality, taste and output.

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