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Product Certificate

  发布时间: 2023-01-10   

Our Steviol Glycosides products have already gained most of the safety and quality certifications related to food and also been through the on-site inspections from many global food and beverage industries.Our products have gained the following certificates:

·  LETIS 100% Organic Certificate

·  ISO14001 Evronmental Management System Certification

·  Halal Certificate

·  ISO9001 Quality Management System certificate

·  GMP Codex Alimentarius SGS

·  FDA GRA No.702

·  FSSC22000 Food safety system certification SGS

·  FDA GRA No.702

·  Kosher Certifition

·  Brand Summary Certificate Of Non-Gmo Project Verified Products(NON-GMO)

2023.02 NOP 3404.pdf-1.jpg2023.02 NOP 3404.pdf-2.jpgISO 14001 English Version 2022_00.png

                                                             LETIS 100% Organic Certificate                                                                                         ISO14001

ISO 9001 English Version 2022_00.png

                           Halal Certificate                                                              ISO9001                                          GMP Codex Alimentarius SGS

                   FDA GRAS No.702                                                              FSSC22000                                                 FDA GRAS No.702

Xinghua GL Stevia Co.,Ltd. FC Certificate of Verification Expires 7-18-2023_00.png

                    Kosher犹太洁食认证                                               NON-GMO


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