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Connnections with Jiangnan University


On March 31st, the very last day of the month, Xinghua GL Stevia paid a visit to the School of Food Science and Technology of Jiangnan University. Xinghua GL’s Chairman of board Mr. Zhou and CEO Mr. Wang had a meaningful conversation with the Dean,Mr. Chen, Professor Xia and Professor Hua.

Connnections with Jiangnan University.jpg    During the conversation, Professor Xia pointed out that synthetic biology is a subject that integrates the knowledge from biology, chemistry, physics and engineering science. Through the engineering transformation of biological system, precise regulation and optimal design can be achieved. Synthetic biology is quite critical to stevia processing. Until now, Xinghua GL has won many compliments for its performance and achievements in this field.

Jiangnan University.jpgProfessor Xia has always been paying efforts to enzyme oriented modification as well as microbial (enzyme) way of synthesis and manufacture. He has published over 50 pieces of top research papers and participated in 15 Chinese national technology projects such as National High-tech R&D Program (863 Program). Currently, based on synthetic biology, he studies the mass biological production of high value synthetic factor ingredients.
GL Stevia.pngXinghua GL Stevia was founded in 2005 as a leading company which integrates planting, processing and applying of stevia. Our annual capacity is 2300 tonnes. Over these years, Xinghua GL always plays a leading role in stevia industry and was the first to launch RA98, Optimvia 95 and GSG75 products. Xinghua GL Stevia will continue the further synthetic biological research of of stevia and bring more products to our customers.

兴化格林赴江南大学深入交流.jpg    During the conversation, Xinghua GL Stevia’s CEO Mr. Wang said that the high costs of premium quality stevia products has always been a pain spot of manufacturers and a focus of consumers. Xinghua GL Stevia will pay efforts to solve the pain spot based on synthetic biology research and our market analysis to bring about more possibilities for stevia-based sugar reduction solutions.

Xinghua GL Stevia also visited the lab of the school and learned about their research that covers food processing technics, nutrition & health care and food safety. Jiangnan University is a leading institute in food industry for its professionalism and deep research.

Both Jiangnan University and Xinghua GL Stevia are looking forward to keeping a close cooperation to push the development of food industry.

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