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Successful FIC Trip


In the year 2023, the FIC was back to Shanghai and successfully held at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) during March 15th-17th. It is the first large event of food ingredient industry since the release of epidemic situation of China in last winter. Participants from all around the nation took part in and formed strong communications. Xinghua GL Stevia took part in as an exhibitor and seized the opportunity to meet many business partners, both the national and international ones.

Stevia-based Sugar Reduction Solutions Offered by GL Stevia        


Stevia-based Sugar Reduction Solutions Offered by GL Stevia.jpg    With the raising of sugar-reduction trend and healthy consuming habits, consumers are looking for products that contain less sugar while not compromising on the taste. As a natrual-based 0-calorie sweetener, stevia naturally gains more attention. However, traditional stevia products always come with bitter aftertaste. In order to overcome this problem, Xinghua GL not only improved the extracting technics to eliminate the bitter lingering but also offer our customers with detailed stevia application solutions according to their needs. 

Until now, Xinghua GL Stevia has launched numbers of application plans for food and beverage products and gained the compliments from many experts. Our application solutions of stevia also give inspirations to many food and beverage developers.

 the ice cream made with stevia.jpg    WeChat_2023032112284[00_00_03][20230321-131141].pngIn order to give a better demonstration of our product’s application, we bring our visitors the ice cream made with stevia by one of our American customers and share the detailed ingredient list. Our ice cream attracted a lot of visitors to stay and have a try. Many of them showed interests in the ice cream and would also like to try using stevia in their products. Xinghua GL is always glad to help our customers in applying plans and fomulations developing.



Wechat QR Code.jpg        

Xinghua GL Stevia has been paying efforts to stevia for more than 15 years and we can offer you abundant industry information. If you are insterested in applying stevia in your products, please scan the QR Code above to download the whitebook the whitebook and other related documents. Meanwhile, we are also glad to help you develop stevia application plans for your own products.  


对甜菊糖的选择不再犹豫。.png    The Reb D and Reb M specifications are newly launched during these years. Our Reb D and Reb M products come with clean sweetness and no bitter aftertastes, which break people’s inherent cognitions of stevia products. More and more food and beverage developers would like to try our Reb D and Reb M in their products. We believe that in the future these two specifications would be chosen by more of our customers.  




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