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2023 FIE full success: New generation stevia leads innovation


Xinghua GL Stevia once again demonstrated its leading position in the field of stevia by successfully participating in the European Health Food Ingredients Exhibition (FIE) on November 28-30, 2023. In this exhibition, Xinghua GL Stevia not only displayed a new generation stevia(RD, RM, GSG), but also attracted extensive attention and recognition from the industry through its in-depth understanding of stevia.


2023 FIE to celebrate

New generation stevia has become the focus

The new generation stevia series, including RD, RM, GSG series, took center stage at the FIE exhibition. This series of stevia has redefined the standard of sweeteners with its excellent taste and excellent flavor. Its attention is not only the product itself, but also the high recognition of Xinghua GL Stevia's continuous breakthrough in scientific research innovation and product development.


Communicate with new customers at the exhibition: New generation stevia

Xinghua GL Stevia, as the pioneer of stevia, has successfully launched new generation stevia with years of research and development experience and excellent technical strength. The appearance of RD, RM, GSG is not only an innovation of traditional stevia , but also a recognition of the significant progress made by the new generation stevia in the industry. This series of stevia received extensive attention at the exhibition, setting a new milestone for Xinghua GL Stevia's innovative strength in the field of food ingredients.   


Invite customers to evaluate new generation stevia

Xinghua GL Stevia has a close relationship with FIE

Since 1986, FIE has been a major event for the European food ingredients industry. Xinghua GL Stevia, as one of the earliest Chinese enterprises to enter FIE, was invited to participate again this year. The exhibition provides a platform for industry professionals to share the latest technologies and trends. Xinghua GL Stevia conducted in-depth exchanges with internationally renowned enterprises in various countries at the exhibition, promoting the development of industry technology and market. The new generation stevia has been widely recognized and concerned.


New generation stevia has been widely recognized and concerned

Deepening cooperation and exploring the future

Xinghua GL Stevia launched a deeper exchange with the European flavor head brand in this exhibition. The two sides had in-depth communication on the taste and flavor of the new generation stevia, and in particular, the future of glucose-based stevioside GSG. This exchange not only strengthened the partnership between Xinghua GL Stevia and European flavor brands, but also laid a solid foundation for the expansion of stevia in the international market.

Jeffrey Wang, general manager of Xinghua GL Stevia, said that Xinghua GL Stevia expects new generation stevia to achieve more success in the international market, and is especially confident about the future of glucose-based stevia GSG. The company will continue its efforts to promote the innovative application of stevia, and looks forward to more companies recognizing this natural, low-calorie sweet choice and willing to establish a closer partnership with us.

2023FIE现场合影留念.jpg2023 FIE pose at the scene

GL Stevia's successful participation in the IFT Food Science and Technology Exhibition not only highlights the strength of Chinese food science and technology enterprises, but also establishes a good image for the company in the international market. It is believed that the valuable experience and results obtained this time will further promote the business expansion and technological innovation of GL Stevia on a global scale, and bring more high-quality and innovative food products to consumers around the world.

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