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GL Stevia was a great success at 2023 Institute of Food Technologists


On July 17, 2023, due to the epidemic, GL Stevia participated in the IFT American Food Technology Exhibition again after four years. During the exhibition, many new specifications of stevia glycosides introduced by GL Stevia attracted the attention of many visitors and industry experts, gained a lot, and conducted in-depth exchanges with internationally renowned enterprises and achieved satisfactory results.


Ift pose the exhibition of 2023

What is IFT?

美国 IFT展会.jpg    IFT is one of the world's most important events in the field of food technology, aiming to promote innovation and development in the food industry, attracting the participation of many food technology companies and professionals from all over the world every year. The exhibition combines the two components of exhibition and academic exchange.

This year's academic exchange was particularly active, attracting the participation of many industry experts and scholars. Chinese enterprises also showed significant participation, including many representatives of Chinese enterprises who played the role of keynote speakers in academic exchanges. During the exhibition, the hot issues of the industry were discussed in depth, and the latest scientific and technological research and development results and market trends were shared, which further promoted the development of the food science and technology field. 

At the exhibition, we had extensive and in-depth exchanges with internationally renowned enterprises from all over the world. These exchanges not only deepened mutual understanding, but also laid a solid foundation for future cooperation. Through the interaction with internationally renowned enterprises, it has injected new impetus into the development and innovation of enterprises.    


美国 IFT展会.jpg    

2023IFT show live shooting  


兴化格林甜菊糖.jpeg    During the forum session of the IFT exhibition, Wang Jing, General Manager of GL Stevia, had an important in-depth exchange with Dr. Mian Nadeem Riaz, a famous American food scientist.

It mainly covers the cutting-edge trends in the taste and flavor of stevia glycosides in the United States, as well as the development of subsequent sweeteners in the United States under the background of the aspartame storm. Our interaction with Dr. Mian Nadeem Riaz gave us a deeper understanding of the application of stevioside, which will help us better apply this proven technology in product development."

This exchange provided GL Stevia with valuable academic inspiration and market insight, and deepened the company's understanding of the global food technology development trend. Dr. Mian Nadeem Riaz is an industry authority who shares his views and experiences that will positively impact the company's future R&D and innovation.


WHO website article on aspartame

GL Stevia's successful participation in the IFT Food Science and Technology Exhibition not only highlights the strength of Chinese food science and technology enterprises, but also establishes a good image for the company in the international market. It is believed that the valuable experience and results obtained this time will further promote the business expansion and technological innovation of GL Stevia on a global scale, and bring more high-quality and innovative food products to consumers around the world.

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