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How long will Stevia Cola enter China?


On July 14, 2023, GL Stevia was honored to be invited to Coca-Cola's headquarters in Atlanta for in-depth cooperation and exchange. During this exchange, I was pleased to learn that Coca-Cola, as the world's largest beverage company, highly recognizes stevia. At the same time, the latest stevioside Reb M Cola product has been launched in Australia and New Zealand and is undergoing various aspects of the market evaluation stage.


In the face of recent controversy over artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, stevioside is highly anticipated as a natural, 0-calorie sweetener. Compared with other natural sweeteners, stevioside application regulations cover the world's most extensive, the scope of licensed applications is also the most complete, in the main United States, Europe, Australia and New Zealand and Asia Pacific markets, stevioside series products can not only be used as a food additive sweetener, but also as a sweet flavor, applied to carbonated beverages, fruit drinks. As a global sales company, we attach particular importance to global layout and safety and compliance.


GL Stevia said that stevioside has been highly anticipated by consumers since it was recognized by JECFA ( WHO professional Committee on Food Additives) in 2008 for 15 years. At the same time, subject to a variety of reasons in the supply chain and application technology, stevia glycosides are more as a "supporting role" in the composite premixed sweet combination in beverages. For a long time, it is difficult to find drinks with stevia as the main label on the market, and the lack of international leading brand products. GL Stevia, as a member of China's stevia industry, looks forward to introducing stevia Coke products to a wider market and playing a benchmark role for stevia to enter the public eye.


The communication between GL Stevia and Coca-Cola has laid a solid foundation for the promotion and development of stevioside. As a world famous beverage giant, Coca-Cola has rich experience and resources in sweeteners and food formulations. It means a lot to GL Stevia to get their approval. At the same time, GL Stevia's 15 years of experience and experience in the vertical whole industry chain of  stevia breeding, seedling rearing, planting and purification also made Coca-Cola experts ask questions frequently and have great interest. They stressed that the stevia industry is environmentally friendly and sustainable production and supply has always been one of the top concerns in the formulation development of Coca-Cola.


During the visit to the Coca-Cola Company, the GL Stevia delegation visited the Cola Cola exhibition hall. We drank more than 20 different regional and style versions of Coca-Cola around the world. The depth of detail in the research and development process, including taste, sensory and consumer research, is amazing. The achievements in brand, channel and culture construction are also impressive.


More and more international outstanding companies like Coca-Cola have joined the application of stevia glycosides. As a natural source of sweetener, stevioside is expected to bring more healthy, reduced sugar options to the global food and beverage industry.

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