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Reb M Attracts Spotlight at NPEW


Established in 2005,  GL Stevia once again captivated the international stage with its outstanding innovation and leadership. With over a decade of experience participating in overseas exhibitions, the company showcased its unique RebM product line at the 2024 Natural Product Expo West (NPEW) in the US. This event, one of the largest natural health product exhibitions globally, boasts over 40 years of history and is consistently ranked among the top 50 in terms of scale and influence in the US.


2024 Natural Product Expo West in US

The largest producer of Reb M

During the expo, GL Stevia, as the largest producer of RM (Reb M) globally, engaged in in-depth communication and discussions with renowned food and beverage companys worldwide. Its RebM product line garnered significant attention and high acclaim for its exceptional quality and distinctive flavor profile. 

Setting itself apart from ordinary stevia, RebM distinguishes itself by its virtually undetectable bitter aftertaste and lingering flavor. Coupled with a sweetness level 300 times that of sucrose, this unique feature provides an unprecedented solution for the application of stevia in food and beverage products, marking a breakthrough in the industry.


Communicate with new customers at the exhibition: New generation stevia

Currently, RM is attracting considerable attention in global sugar reduction applications, with its research and development rapidly expanding worldwide. GL Stevia is actively promoting the global adoption of stevia and RM, signifying its significant implications for the application of stevia and the global sugar reduction market. This underscores GL Stevia's ongoing leadership and innovation in the industry.   

IMG_3421.jpg Invite customers to evaluate new generation stevia

GL Stevia's success at the 2024 NPEW

GL Stevia's success at the NPEW not only underscores its leadership position in the natural health product field but also lays a solid foundation for future development. With the continuous pursuit of a healthy lifestyle by consumers, GL Stevia will continue to provide healthier and more delicious choices, solidifying its position as a leading enterprise in the natural health product industry.


New generation stevia has been widely recognized and concerned

Jeffrey Wang, CEO of GL Stevia, said that The magic of Agri-Bio technology enable us to provide Reb-M to our customers in large scale and muchlower price than before...

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