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GL Stevia fourth generation stevia set off the topic


The 2024 FIC will be held in Shanghai as scheduled

As one of the most influential food additives industry events in Asia, the China International Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition (FIC) in 2024 was held as scheduled at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. As one of the most abundant, largest and most influential national exhibitions in the food industry, FIC attracts thousands of food industry professionals to participate every year, showcasing the latest technologies and products, and has become an important platform for exchanges and cooperation in the industry.


Communicate with customers during the exhibition in 2024

GL Stevia, as one of the leading enterprises in stevia, has been committed to the cultivation, research and development, production and sales of stevia since its establishment in 2005. The company has an efficient and professional team to continuously promote technological innovation and product upgrades, and has become one of the most trusted brands in the food industry.

At this year's FIC exhibition, Xinghua Green appeared again, showing the much-anticipated new fourth-generation stevia glycoside products, which attracted the attention and attention of many industry insiders.


Photo for FIC China International Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition 2024

The fourth generation of stevia glycosides brought by Xinghua Green at this exhibition mainly includes two series of products: the latest generation, the RD and RM series with perfect sweet taste, and the GSG (Glycosylated Steviol Glycosides) series with sweet flavor and better price. The fourth generation of stevia glycosides not only breaks through the limitations of traditional stevia glycosides, gets rid of the unsatisfactory characteristics of bitter taste, metallic feeling and long aftertaste, but also brings a clean, sweet and full taste to the product, which almost does not affect the original flavor of the product in the application, and has been widely concerned and praised by researchers.


Communicate with customers during the exhibition in 2024

In this exhibition, we have conducted in-depth exchanges with the research and development of many snack foods and spicy foods, and GSG has been highly recognized by various industries. GSG (Glycosylated Steviol Glycosides) is also called Enzyme Modified Stevia. Different manufacturers produce different GSG products. GL Stevia has focused on the development and production of stevia for more than 18 years, and has infused GSG products with an understanding of stevia glycoside and sweetener market.

GSG series products are currently the main promotion of GLF03, GLF13, GLF33 these three specifications, further reducing the impact of sweeteners on the overall flavor of the product, for the industry has brought a new choice.


Communicate with customers during the exhibition in 2024

It is understood that with the continuous growth of consumers' demand for natural sugar reduction, more and more food and beverage manufacturers in China have begun to choose the fourth generation of stevia glycosides, and have given high recognition to their product performance. This trend also once again confirms Xinghugrimm's leading position in the field of food additives, bringing healthier and more delicious options to the food industry.

"We will continue to be committed to promoting the application of stevioside in China and provide customers with more professional and comprehensive services to meet the growing demand of the market," Xinghuagreen Chairman said at the exhibition. The fourth generation of stevia of GL Stevia has led the development direction of the industry, bringing new possibilities to the food industry, indicating the future innovation and upgrading of sweet taste.


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